Yoga Teacher

Paul Fox

Paul has been practising and studying yoga intensively for the past 22 years and is the current Chair of the British Wheel of Yoga – the UK’s largest yoga membership and teacher training organisation. Paul specialises in adapting postures and practices to suit every person’s individual needs, while still providing an enjoyable and challenging practice for all. His classes focus on Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and Core Strength Yoga – an approach suitable for all levels and based on the intention to develop awareness and strength of the inner body (bandha) in order to support the yoga asanas created by the outer body. Paul believes strength and flexibility are equally important in a holistic yoga practice.

As well as Paul holding teaching qualifications with British Wheel of Yoga, John Scott Yoga and Yoga Sports Science, as well as the Post Graduate Certificate in Education; he is deeply interested in anatomy and physiology, and the history, tradition and philosophy of yoga. This inspired him to write and publish his first book, Yoga Quest in 2016. Whilst away on retreats, Paul is always happy to offer additional support and advice to students outside of the two formal sessions of yoga each day.