Yoga teacher Luiz Vega

Luiz Veiga

Luiz Veiga is a passionate Ashtanga and Yin yoga teacher. His deep connection with Ashtanga led him to spend 4 years studying in India with Pattabhi Jois, and later with Sharath Jois where he developed his own interpretation and understanding of the practice.

His particular approach to yoga has transformed the way many practitioners see their practice and its place in life itself.

A focus on details and breath is the basis of his teachings, and coupled with a straight forward teaching technique, his classes are accessible to students of all levels from complete beginners to more experienced yogis. He teaches a daily self practice class [Mysore], whereby he guides students to develop their own practice at their own pace. No experience is required for this class as Luiz will give individual tuition to each student from the very beginning to support their learning of the sequence to the development of a meaningful self practice for them to take forward in life.