A certified Forrest Yoga Teacher, Kristi’s classes are strong, grounded and inspiring, based on the four pillars of Forrest Yoga – strength, breath, integrity, and spirit.

Kristi first discovered yoga in her native country of New Zealand. She traveled to Hong Kong and China in 2003 where she explored more deeply the physical, emotional and spiritual practice of yoga. Kristi taught at PURE Yoga in Hong Kong, gathering a rich amount of experience teaching group classes, privates and workshops, while furthering her training with teachers from all over the world.

Kristi teaches in yoga studios in London and Europe, and assists Ana Forrest in trainings and workshops around the world.

She believes in working hard, but working mindfully, and offers modifications for different levels and injuries, sharing compassionate hands on assists.


Kristi is featured on Movement for Modern Life. Check out her Forrest Yoga Morning Flow class:

Kristi Rodelli: Forrest Yoga Morning Flow (12-minute class)

A short burst of Forrest Yoga to get you moving and ready for the day. With moves to fire up your abdominals, pranayama to get your digestive system going and stretches to get stretched into your day, this is the perfect way to start your day, the Forrest Yoga way!

Trips with Kristi Rodelli

Alpino Atlantico

Hosted group yoga retreat

Aug 13 - Aug 20 2019

7 Nights

From £995