View of the swimming pool at Epic Sana at sunset

Why choose a luxury yoga holiday?

If you like to be taught and inspired by world-class yoga teachers, in beautiful peaceful surroundings, combined with delicious healthy food and stylish, comfortable accommodation… then one of destination yoga’s…

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How to do: Downward Dog Yoga Pose

How to do: Downward Dog

Downward Dog  (The Sanskrit name is Adho Mukha Svanasana) How to do it Start off on all fours and make sure your knees are slightly behind your hips. Your hands…

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Villa Pi Blau Woman in Yoga Studio

European yoga holidays and retreats

There are many advantages of selecting a yoga holiday or retreat in Europe over ‘long haul’ flights to earth’s far distant corners.  And, if you choose to travel with destination…

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Yoga teacher Kristi Rodelli

Kristi Rodelli: Why I love teaching on yoga retreats

There are a few reasons why I love teaching yoga retreats. On a more superficial level, it is great to have a change of routine and scenery. It is also…

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Woman on a beach practising mindfulness

Introducing our new ‘anytime’ concept

We are delighted to have recently introduced a new ‘anytime’ concept, featuring a number of locations that offer specialist yoga classes that yogis can book ‘365’ days a year, completely…

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Yoga class at Absolute Sanctuary

Customer service and exceptional experiences

The Healthy Holiday Company, which owns and operates the destination yoga brand, was founded in 2003. From day one, the company has been totally dedicated to providing great service and…

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A group of singles sit outside eating dinner on a yoga retreat

Yoga holidays for singles – destination yoga

If you’re travelling solo and interested in joining a yoga retreat, then all of the holidays offered by destination yoga should be perfect for you, whatever your age and level…

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Man looking at a yoga class on a tablet computer

Stream yoga class videos anytime anywhere

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Movement for Modern Life to enable you to easily continue your yoga practice at home after your Destination Yoga holiday. We think Movement…

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Woman practising yoga on a white bed

Basic yoga exercises to brighten your day

There is a yoga routine you should adopt the moment you have opened your eyes in the morning and are ready to get up. First of all, learn to wake…

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Woman practising yoga above a city skyline

Yoga and its stress reduction benefits

Yoga combines mental focus and exercise to assist its practitioners to achieve tranquility of both spirit and body. It’s stress and anxiety reducing components are well documented.   In Asia…

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