Yoga teacher Kristi Rodelli

There are a few reasons why I love teaching yoga retreats. On a more superficial level, it is great to have a change of routine and scenery. It is also a fantastic opportunity to check out a new corner of the world, and there are so many wonderful corners out there to explore!

I am also happy with the quality of teaching I am able to offer when I have an intimate group to work with every day for a week. The pace, the space, and the nourishment of the week, creates a huge shift in everyone from the day of arrival to the day we depart. I love observing this process. It is magical.

When my regular students come along, I have time to get to know them on a more personal level.  It’s really special to dig a little deeper into getting to know someone. Equally, I love meeting new people. It forms many new connections, and those new people often become familiar faces in class.

It may sound cheesy but I always experience moments when teaching retreats that I fall completely in love with everyone. For their individuality, their challenges and their gifts.

The process of the practice and the relationship that is built over the week is intensified in such a cozy setting and there is a huge amount of great stuff that comes out of that for everyone involved!

For the past three years I have chosen to work with Destination Yoga and have visited some really wonderful locations. The schedules, transfers, and smaller details are sewn together seamlessly, and I always arrive slightly blown away by how beautiful the setting is, how friendly the staff at the venue are, the standard of the rooms, and how delicious the food is. I really appreciate all of these elements because, if I’m honest, I really don’t enjoy the organisational side of things. Working with Destination Yoga means that each time I step into leading a retreat I can trust everything is in place. I feel supported, and can use my energy to do what I do best. Teach.

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