How to do: Side Plank Yoga PoseSide Plank Pose  (Sanskrit name is Vasisthasana)

How to do it

From Plank, shift the weight fully into your left hand and rotate your body over that hand and arm. Come on to the little toe side of your left foot, stacking your right leg on top and roll your whole body to face the side wall. Unfold your top (right) arm and extend through both arms. Check that your wrists, elbows, and shoulders are all in line. Lengthen down through the heels and up through the top of the head.


Coming into and out of the pose

You can start in Downward Dog and then move into Plank and from Plank move into Side Plank as described above. To come out of Side Plank you rotate towards the mat and place your right hand down into Plank. You can then come up to Side Plank on the other side, or take a pause in Downward Dog between sides.



This pose takes some practice (and wrist and arm strength!). You may well feel your supporting arm tremble. If so don’t force it, rest your bottom leg knee on the ground.  If you have a wrist weakness you can get the same core strength benefits by practicing this with your forearm on the ground instead.


What’s it good for?

Side Plank improves your balance and core strength as well as the muscles of the wrists, arms and shoulders.


When should you not do it?

Don’t practice if you have a wrist injury (unless you want to try the forearm modification). Avoid if you are pregnant or have a shoulder injury.


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