How to do: Lotus Yoga PoseLotus Pose  (The Sanscrit name is Padmasana)

How to do it

Sit upright with your legs extended forwards. Bend your right knee then externally rotate that leg from the hip and place your right foot on your left thigh with the heel as far up the thigh as possible. Cross your left leg and bring your left foot up and onto the right thigh. Yes, this is easier said than done and definitely not ‘accessible’ to everyone! Extend your arms straight and rest the back of your hands on your knees, with thumbs and forefingers touching.


Coming out of the pose

Unfold your left (top) leg and place it on the floor, then unfold your right leg. Extend your legs out forward (you may want to shake them a little) and repeat on the other side.



Lotus Pose is a seated hip-opening pose, and before attempting Lotus you (or your teacher) should aim to warm up and open the hips in some more accessible seated poses, such as Cow Face (Gomukasana). If Lotus is not accessible to you then you can replace it in your class with easier hip opening poses such as a Reclined Pigeon (ankle to knee) pose.


What’s it good for?

Lotus works and lengthens the hip flexors, adductors and abductor muscles and stretches the joints of the ankles knees and hips. As with other seated hip opening poses it is a calming pose. Seated hip opening poses are usually practiced toward the end of the class as they are grounding and cooling.


When should you not do it?

Don’t attempt Lotus if you have ankle, knee or hip injuries.


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