Man looking at a yoga class on a tablet computer

Stream yoga class videos anytime anywhere

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Movement for Modern Life to enable you to easily continue your yoga practice at home after your Destination Yoga holiday. We think Movement…

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Woman practising yoga on a white bed

Basic yoga exercises to brighten your day

There is a yoga routine you should adopt the moment you have opened your eyes in the morning and are ready to get up. First of all, learn to wake…

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Woman practising yoga above a city skyline

Yoga and its stress reduction benefits

Yoga combines mental focus and exercise to assist its practitioners to achieve tranquility of both spirit and body. It’s stress and anxiety reducing components are well documented.   In Asia…

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Yoga styles

Yoga, as it was first intended is a philosophy and an entire way of life. It originated in India several thousand years ago and is the oldest system of personal…

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Haven’t started yoga yet? Why it’s important to start…now

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years in India but it only attracted the attention of the west in the late 19th century.  Even today, some people are still…

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